Beef daube AUD35 – Bistro Guillaume, Crown Casino

Several nice burgandy or merlot wine pictures i discovered:

Beef daube AUD35 – Bistro Guillaume, Crown Casino
burgandy or merlot wine

Image by avlxyz
Beef daube AUD35 – Bistro Guillaume, Crown Casino. The plat du jour on Saturdays, an unbelievably tender beef cheek braised in dark wine with lardons and champignons on creamy Paris mash with croutons for crunch.

Put a Cork in It
Red Wine

Image by lincolnblues
At Reserve Wine Bar in Grand Rapids, MI.

Red Wine

Image by lism.
My mum’s straight back from holiday. She missed me personally much she arrived to Glasgow buying me dinner.

Missed a short time because of infection – will begin this task support once more quickly.

Taken with Instagram for iPhone // 8th August 2011

Nice Cake photos

Some cool Cake pictures:

Lentil – Laced Carrot Cake

Image by yummysmellsca
Lentil puree and spelt add a great nuttiness for this (nut-free) vegan carrot cake, while a topping of spelt flakes adds surface and gets rid of the need for frosting!


Image by danmachold
The remnants of a tasty maple dessert.

strawberry cake

Image by megpi
back door bakery